We move the website … with a new style! (plus new youtube channel)

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The website / blog is finally back, complete and recovered! I had informed you about the problems with my google account and that the old website on blogspot is terminated. 

We moved to WordPress with new skin and appearance and i also managed to reupload all the old articles, news etc. with the same dates. Like it was back then.  

Since google account involves Youtube ofcourse, unfortunately the old Youtube channels are inactive and dead. So I reupload all the videos that I had (wasn’t many anyway 😛 ) and so we have a new Youtube channel ! You can check it HERE 

So …. welcome again to my music corner and from now on i will share my news, releases, events and upcoming projects from here.

Tell me what you think. What you like what you don’t like, suggestions, anything 

Stay safe everyone and keep on Raving!!! 

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