Spiral S (Pressure) DJ set @ Trance Through Time – Hyperion & Friend

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Hey guys! Happy new year! I hope you are doing all well

I have some exciting news, coming in January 2021 🙂 Hyperion invited me to participate in his great Trance Through Time concept for this year. I m so honored to make a dj set along with local DJs/artist and some legendary international names 🙂

After 2 big radio festivals during the past 2 years (Flexible Audio vs Trance Memories in 2019 and Flexible Audio 100 in 2020), Trance Athena and Hyperion are welcoming the new year with an even bigger radio event which will take place during 2 weekends, January 9 & 10 and 16 & 17, 2021!!! This time Hyperion will be the host, under the Trance Through Time concept, and does he have surprises for all of you! So join us for 4 days of old school trance madness, including Trance Athena’s residents, local DJs/artists/music lovers, and also legendary international names!!!Join the event for updates and DJ/artists announcements: Trance Through Time / Hyperion & Friends 2021

Stay tuned…

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