New mini home studio coming up :)

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Hey guys. I hope are doing well and managing with all this Covid pandemic situation.

It’s been a while since my last news or updates. After my participation in the amazing Generation X Crew album compilation some projects that I have been working on have been paused. But it’s for a good reason I believe.

I have decided to make something that I’ve always wanted. My own mini home studio! My home and  my room specifically never allowed me to do any of these thoughts due to its lack of space. Having dj decks set up and my vinyls makes a free space even more difficult.
But my desire for a home studio was always big. So after many years I decided to MAKE some space!

I remove some stuff, figured out some tricks and I m transforming a small computer desk that I bough into a super compact mini home studio. It s still in progress and I m also buying some new gear through sales. If you are into the music production you know how it goes…Gears, controllers and synths are never enough! Bad hobbies 😛

So this is what I m on this period guys. I will be adding few gear additions for my upcoming studio until its finally complete and operational

Till next time….Take care and stay safe 😊

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