New upcoming stuff from Pressure and Spiral S

Hi guys. We have entered the year 2018 with a great rave party full of  oldschool hardcore, breakbeat and drum n bass sessions! where I had the honor to play again (after 18 years) alongside with my friend and my favorite Greek dj Greg Staikos. Big up to both Suburbia crew and Staikos 🙂
So what’s next? 

Many upcoming projects (as Pressure and Spiral S) are almost ready. I know it has been too long since my last release Lilioum Remixes or a complete track but i believe it will be a good outcome. 

Five tracks are on the way! “Exploring the galaxy”, “Can’t control my feet” (yeah the track that i m preparing for years now, lol), a new remix on my other upcoming track as Spiral S “Rave 4 Life” and another track with no title yet, together with its remix.

Also Glowkid was preparing a
compilation that will not be released due to many problems and huge delays. So now he is thinking of another compilation with artists from around the world. I will also be included (lucky me 😀 ). One or two of my tracks will be featured in this compilation. “Sadragga” and the remix on “Rave 4 life” or maybe the original one as Spiral S. Infos soon…..

And finally another upcoming hardcore event is on the way. I will be guest among other DJs like Glowkid, Track killer, Archonoise and The Psysicist. A night full of Breakbeat, Hardcore, Rave, Gabber, Happy Hardcore, Breakcore, Drum n Bass and more. So stay tuned. You will be informed soon  

Not bad, right? Lets hope all that will be ready soon. Till then…..Keep on Raving!!!

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