Thursday, March 19, 2020

GLOWBUZZ Ep. 007 - Introducing 'GLOWKiD pres. The Generation X Crew'

Glowkid is back with a powerful new Glowbuzz episode! This time we have a awesome review with special guests Nefti, Vitality, Insane & Mind, Damage Inc, Orestiz, Amaretto - ROCK UP HARD CREW, Yudaidhun, TNO Project Gareth Monks and my self talking about Glowkid' s fresh compilation (which i m included) and our music connection & friendship over the years.

Get to know the Generation X crew and the ultimate sounds of Hardcore Breaks, then 🔥

An album which saw some early support with the likes of 
DJ Shimamura, JAKAZiD, Teknociziak, Gaffer(Paranoid Recordings), Guchon, DJ CHZ

As ever, enjoy the watch and get yourselves into the contest ;) 

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