Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Kniteforce Remix competition is over! Luna C review on my Remix

Another Kniteforce remix competition is over. Probably the last one. And it was hard once again. Luna C had to deal with many good tracks and as he said it was very hard to choose a winner. It's the second time i take part on a Kniteforce remix competition. You can hear my previous remix here
This time i took my chances and made a remix on the amazing "Can't you see" from Jimmy J & Cru-l-t. Well....didn't make it again but i'm glad that Luna C made a very good review to his blog...Here is what he wrote about my remix (among all the tracks that didn't make it)

Jimmy J & Cru-l-t – Cant You See (Pressure Remix)

This remix is really good. The new replayed piano line is one of the best out of all the remixes, and its a tight, well made remix. If there is any issue with it at all, its that it sounds almost to obvious, or predictable. Which is hardly a fault. It starts of with some nice simple breaks and a slow build with an old stool string and “Can You Feel It” vocals. The stabs and breakdowns and effects are all well placed. This is one of those ones where if I put it on the vinyl, it would be liked well enough, and the only reason its not a winner is that it doesn’t quite stand out enough! But a very good remix all the same!

Not bad hun? Well it was worth a try. Soon my remix will be on Soundcloud as the previous. Congratulations on the winners and thanx to Luna C for all these competitions and for keeping the rave spirit alive :) 

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