Monday, December 19, 2016

Bio and infos about Pressure aka Spiral S

Spiros Stamoulis a.k.a. Pressure got the EDM virus at an early age. He grew up with cassettes of Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Kraftwerk and 80s dance in general. In the early 90s acid and hit-house were his sound preferences and soon after that he got caught up in the magical world of Rave, Trance and Drum n Bass which he follows ever since.

As a producer Pressure made his first tracks back in the days using Fast Tracker II and since then he remains faithful to trackers and hardware synths. His productions revolve around Breakbeat, Hardcore, Drum n Bass, Gabber, Trance and Techno sounds, influenced by the underground movement of the electronic 90s
Pressure also got involved in radio production. Since 1997, he co-hosted the Break Alert show together with his friend TheMaxx. Break Alert radio show travelled in frequencies of Sky Radio FM, Blue Sky FM, Free FM, on Tektonic web radio and finally as a Break Alert web radio.

As a DJ he experienced his first gig in 1998 after joining the Suburbia Crew. He played in Athens’ clubs like Mad Club, where he also booked his first Live PA, Berlin, Graffiti, 7Heaven, and in Capital (Lefkada).
Today Spiros is a member dj of ‘90Vibes crew and spins 90s dance music in various bars and clubs of Athens, alongside two of his old Suburbia partners and friends Limited and Keith.
Spiros is producing as Pressure or SpiralS (his Trance alias), keeping true to his beloved oldschool feeling

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